Corporate Profile

In 1912, KOBIRA CORPORATION was founded in southern part of Kyushu island, Kagoshima, Japan.Currently KOBIRA CORPORATION has several business divisions including energy (liquefied petroleum gas, sustainable new energy), trading, travel agency, agriculture and gas station.We are expanding our business across all over the world not only in Japan, but also United States, Thailand’s, India, Vietnam, and China etc.

International Devision

International trade division has been working on importing and exporting business for fishery products and agricultural products for over 20 years since 1991 to meet demands of each country.We contribute to customers locally and globally through domestic and international network.

-Fishery and agricultural product trading.

Our main product is fishery product especially frozen Surimi (grounded fish meat).

We deliver fishery product worldwide from south east Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia), India, and China to global and local customers.

Main products: Frozen Surimi, Frozen Fish (whole, dress and fillet), Imitation crab, Shrimp, Crabs, Octopus, Frozen vegetable (Okura, Edamame, Tororo:The grated yam, etc.), food ingredient, package material etc.

Also development importing with our partner factories are feasible.

-International Office

Ningbo office, China. KOBIRA AMERICA CORPORATION, Seattle, U.S.A, Ho Chi Min, Vietnam.


Energy division has been working on wholesales and retail of LPG over 50 year since 1965. We are working for safe energy supply to support infrastructure in local lives.

-LPG Retail business

-LPG wholesales for industrial use

-Construction service division

-Reproductive energy business

-Apollo station service,ltd.[Gas station]


IT division has been offering business solution through information technology over 30 years since 1982 in all over Kyushu area with the brand name of Micomland. We have been working on offering user friendly IT solution which develop customer together.

Our IT solutions from integration to support and maintenance are offered with locally rooted solution.

-Package software development/integration


-Hardware integration.


Oryza Kagoshima Farm, ltd.

Oryza Kagoshima Farm was established on July, 2009 to supply safe and high quality fresh vegetable and regional contribution. Oryza Kagoshima Farm is producing high Brix cherry tomato at 8000 square meter greenhouse.


Agriculture venture company , Oryza Inc., is challenging to create innovative agri- business with a concept of “Business x Science x Farm”.Oryza,inc offers consulting service to support new entry to agribusiness and installation of high technology greenhouse. Also Oryza offers distribution of fresh products to department store, supermarket chains and restaurants in Tokyo.